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CLASH OF CLANS IS AN EPIC COMBAT STRATEGY GAME! It is Worldwide there are players who can not stop playing.Upgrading your Town Hall unlocks new defenses, buildings, traps and much more.
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07-08-2015 CoC Inspired RTS 'Gundam Diorama Front' Beta Launches in Japan
Bandai Namco’s newly real-time strategy game Gundam Diorama Front has begun beta  testing in Japan yesterday. The action features CoC-like gameplay on PC. Amongst people,  players will build various building facilities inside history of Gundam series and  train the widely accepted Gundams to fight. A lot like CoC, you only place your Gundam troops to attack enemy base throughout t...
07-08-2015 CoC Inspired Strategy RPG Sandigma: Rise in the Exiles Revealed
Developed by Unicorn Game, Sandigma: Rise with the Exiles is an Online players Vs  Offline players RPG on cellular devices. You will find extraordinary adventures from the universe tailored for you personally. It is possible to train your hero and constructor your own planet, exactly like CoC. The experience has 3 main modes in PvE: Destruction, Escort and Last Man Standing. Because the&n...
07-08-2015 Day of Empires: Castle Siege Finally Comes to iOS, But Looks Something such as CoC
Age of Empires is Microsoft’s very well liked RTS title on PC platform, released in  1997. Since you took command of history's greatest civilizations, you could tend to  control the mysterious might of China, the structural grandeur of Byzantium or perhaps the  relentless tenacity on the Sioux. Recently, the favorite PC game’s derivative mobile  game Chronilogical age of Empire...