19/06/2014'Clash of Clans' Update Introducing New Units? [Update]

It looks like Supercell is prepping another update for "Clash of Clans." The developer has been sharing some interesting teaser images on the Clash of Clans Facebook page this

week, showing off what could be a group of new units heading to the virtual battlefield.

The current teaser image (seen above) introduces us to The Minion, with a brief description reading,"This terrible scourge of the skies was born out of Dark Elixir. Minions rain

destruction with ease, but are fragile in our world."

Interestingly, all of the player created units in "Clash of Clans" (aside from the recently introduced Barbarian King and Archer Queen) require Elixir, but based on this teaser it sounds

like players will have to dip into their Dark Elixir reserves to create the Minion.

As you can see, there are two other characters hiding in the shadows. We won't know who, or what, they are until Supercell comes out and tells us, but I have feeling the wait won't be

too much longer.

Update: Another teaser image has been shared on the official Facebook page, this time introducing the Valkyrie.

 Apparently The Valkyrie is a master of the two-handed axe, capable of crushing buildings, walls and troops with her devastating whirlwind strike. In addition, it looks like wall breakers

are getting updated AI, meaning they'll trek deeper into a base as soon as there's a gap in the wall.