07/08/2015CoC Inspired RTS 'Gundam Diorama Front' Beta Launches in Japan

Bandai Namco’s newly real-time strategy game Gundam Diorama Front has begun beta  testing in Japan yesterday. The action features CoC-like gameplay on PC. Amongst people,  players will build various building facilities inside history of Gundam series and  train the widely accepted Gundams to fight.

A lot like CoC, you only place your Gundam troops to attack enemy base throughout the  battle. So when you log out the sport, the AI will let you defend the invasion from  other players. It is just a fairly relaxing game. You just spend about 10 min daily on playing it.

Certainly, as being a game manufactured by Japanese company, the dubbing is vital. 

Good developer, over 100 characters amongst players have their unique voice  actors.

In case you are Gundam fans and understand japan, you are able to apply for the sport 

beta around the official site now.