07/08/2015CoC Inspired Strategy RPG Sandigma: Rise in the Exiles Revealed

Developed by Unicorn Game, Sandigma: Rise with the Exiles is an Online players Vs  Offline players RPG on cellular devices. You will find extraordinary adventures from the universe tailored for you personally. It is possible to train your hero and constructor your own planet, exactly like CoC.

The experience has 3 main modes in PvE: Destruction, Escort and Last Man Standing.

Because the  trailer showed, players will face the contests in hostile environments in desert,  like Sandworm and Snorch. The PvP system allows you to invade other players’  planets for looting rare gears, monsters many resource.

Besides, you can optionally switch the perspective from 30 to 90 degree through the  battle. Your hero will fight automatically within the battle, however you can release hero’s  abilities yet