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1.We NEVER ask for the other ways to give us your information except live chat on our website! WATCH OUT for Imposters! Correct info is Required to ensure a promised order completion time!
2.the 24/7 LiveChat is the the ONLY SAFE place to deal with your orders!
3. DO NOT disclose your account info to anyone through E-Mail,AIM,or other messengers!
4.If we have finished your order, we will inform you at the first time and you can check it and change the password! ”


Q: Do you know how much for town hall 5-9?

A:It is not the the higher the town hall, but the higher the level of the soldiers and defense is,the stronger you will be in the game. The higher the townhall, the higher the level of the opponent,so you will never get the money in the game if you are in the 9th town hall,but the level of your soldiers did not keep up.

Q: Whether you use the auxiliary Power Leveling on

A: Our website uses handmade Leveling full day to ensure that each player can see each video is handmade purely, cause there are a lot of equipment and personnel to serve you.

Q:Will you use my gem when you level up my account?

A:Absolutely not, we will offer players with screenshots.You can be at ease that we will send an email to you when we are done with your leveling.

Q:How to deal with it when the level of my town hall is so low that can't put so many Elixir and Golds in?

A:We will help the player to upgrade the other buildings and ensure that our customers can be at ease.

Q:What is the Account Name and Character Name?

A:The account of IOS is the Game Centre account;and the account of ANDROID is the Google+ account.The Character Name is the name of your village.